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Colorado Camp Half-Blood by Spelledheart Colorado Camp Half-Blood by Spelledheart
This is a changed version of this: [link]
Some characters of my FF "Colorado Camp"
1. May Louis-10 year old daughter of Aphrodite
2. Philip Louis-10 year old son of Aphrodite
3. Sonnja Rain-12 year old daughter of Iris
4. Filia-16 year old daughter of Nyx
5. Jasmin-Alice Norella-14 year old daughter of Hermes
6. Connor Stoll-son of Hermes
7. Travis Stoll- son of Hermes
8. Katie Gardner-daughter of Demeter
9. Jayden Steel- 19 year old son of Hermes, yes, he`s a little bit crazy...
10. Jace Whitelock- 17 year old son of Apoll
11. Lea Steel- 16 year old daughter of Hermes
12. Alec- son of Nike, punished by Zeus, so he`s a Half-Cat
13. Felicitas-daughter of Ares, punished by Zeus, so she`s a Half-Cat
14. Alexandra-15 year old daughter of Poseidon
15. Phyllis Joyce- 16 year old daughter of Demeter
16. Finn- 16 year old son of Apoll, he hate chaos XD
17. Ginger Leaf- 16 year old daughter of Hephaistos
18. Nico di Angelo- son of Hades
19. Bayberry- Nymph
20. Lucy Fisher-12 year old daughter of Hades
21. Lea`s silly stepmother Michélle Chevrier
22. Steven Steel-Lea`s "Dad"...yeah, I think you know, what I mean...

Travis, Connor, Katie, Nico by Rick Riordan

May, Philip, Sonnja, Filia, Jasmin-Alice, Alexandra, Phyllis by Palla96, LikeToEatYou, Ariana4040, Mrs.Cookie and xxsunxx on

Jayden, Jace, Lea, Alec, Felcitas, Finn, Ginger, Bayberry, Michélle, Steven by me

Made with: [link]
I hope you like it!
LG, Spelled
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